Vitamix’s patent-pending Aer blade container takes about seven seconds to turn ordinary skim milk into firm whipped cream. Frankly, had I not seen it in person myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. No need to add sugar, egg whites or anything else (though tossing in cinnamon, fruits and such is a smart move for flavor’s sake). The circular blade pulls liquids in the chamber through the holes in the blade and pumps them full of air, ready to crown a cup of coffee.

But that alone wouldn’t be all that noteworthy — other products out there allow you to aerate liquids in a timely manner. The kicker is it also leaves solid objects in the chamber unbroken and intact, meaning, yes, it’s perfect for creams and milk foams, but it may also prove just as useful as a bulk cocktail maker. Throw in your usual ingredients for a whiskey sour — egg whites, whiskey, citrus, simple syrup and ice — scaled up to your needs, turn on for 10 seconds or so and you’ve got the fastest shaker and muddler out there.

The Aer container fits with all of Vitamix’s consumer-level blender bases and is available now for $145 on Amazon and Vitamix’s site.